We are moving to digital era

To better serve our customer, Lian Hock is continuing to invest in new technology and keep improving our service level in terms of speed and quality.

ASRS System

Auto storage and retrieving system helps us reduce the manpower and save the space in warehouse operation

AhpohStore mobile app

Lian Hock mobile ecommerce app (AhpohStore) keeps customers connecting to Lian Hock store anytime anywhere.

Business Analytics

With rich daily transactions and data collection, we have a deep business insight by introducing machine learning.

Smart Logistic

Allocate delivery orders based on delivery address to driver, the smart logistic system makes customer, supplier, sales coordinator and driver on same platform

2018 Milestone

In 2018, Lian Hock Hardware went against traditional warehousing norms and invested heavily in an automated racking system for its new warehouse located in the west. This not only improved productivity, but also allowed Lian Hock Hardware to systemise its storage of supplies so as to provide faster and better deliveries to customers in Singapore while cutting down on excessive manpower needed to handle the supplies in the warehouse.

2020 Milestone

In 2020, Lian Hock Hardware rolled out its purchasing app – AhPohStore – on android and apple platforms to keep up with the new digital market. Customers will be able to purchase supplies through the app and make bargains, making it both interactive and user friendly.